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Vegan Singapore First Cafe-Hopping Meetup

Managed to saw this on the week of the meetup - Organised by Animal Allies (FB: Consider Veganism SG), of course I took the chance and join in. For those who had followed me over the years, I'm a pescatarian/vegan by choice. Honestly speaking, I do eat meat at times but I try to avoid cause I can longer take the taste anymore (Especially undercooked meat which always questions my choice why do I order it in the first place and regret)

 It's only recently that a vegan community pop up and I'm glad that awareness of vegan spreads in Singapore (Mostly is in the US/EU). Previously it was pretty hard to find people locally who have similar mindset.
I wrote an article a year ago:
Road to be Vegan or Pescatarian
It started out as clean eating back when I was in secondary school, researching on how to be healthy inside out without taking supplements or chemical treatments especially on hair and skin. Gradually it became part of my lifestyle and takes it peak when I was training for marathon. My hub's aunt is a vegan through Buddhism and we have veggies reunion dinner each year. Yummy!

At first, I didn't know the term vegan until my hubby told me the difference between vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian one fine day. 

Back to the meetup, I ordered something that I'm comfortable with - Portobello mushroom burger.

The Boneless Kitchen - Vegan Korean Restaurant

These few days been splurging on good food and summing up Sunday family day with a bang.
It is an impromptu family lunch with my hubby's side who are vegan/vegetarian. He was here yesterday and it taste so good that he had to bring everyone here to eat. Located at Irving Place, here's The Boneless Kitchen!

I can't comment much on what's the menu and how much does it cost but here's a bunch of food pictures. No meat or egg, no onion and garlic either. For those who doesn't eat mock meat, do feel free to ask the staff or check the menu first before ordering. 

Entrance. It's quite prominent as it's facing Playfair Road.

P. Bistro High Tea

P. Bistro is an accidental found hidden gem. I'm surprised that this place isn't known to the Singapore Rori community yet. A definite highly recommended place for high tea especially for those who are students or on budget. 

Wanted to try out M&S High tea but was a few minutes late in ordering cause the servers were busy. Backup plan was to go PS Cafe and ended up at the basement because I saw a high tea tiered picture ad that I just had to see see look. The poster on the easel picture at the entrance is different so the staff explained on what's the selection served. 

At a glance, surprisingly it was affordable than M&S though it's in Palais Renaissance and so far it's one of the best high tea that I've tried in Singapore. (Other high tea recommendations: Lawry's & Queen's Cat)

Great service and ambience. Their normal menu is usual cafe pricing. The high tea set costs $25++ which can be shared among two person. I don't think one person can finish all up, considering the amount of food served (Unless you're Zermatt :p)

The high tea set is available from 2pm-6pm. I came on a Saturday, so do check if you're coming on any other day to avoid disappointment.

Tea Pots and Cups Obsession

I've finally purchase my first tea set and it feels really great as I can finally enjoy my tea, elegantly at the comfort of my own home. (Well, not officially cause it's sort of my parents place)